We’re off on an adventure

We are as a family about to embark on a life changing adventure.

We are relocating, emigrating, becoming ex-pats in the county of Luxembourg.

Where you ask? Well before I knew about this I too knew only very little about the tiny county slap bang in the middle of Europe, with Belgium to the north and west, France to the south and Germany to the east.


Being so central to Europe there is not one but three…yes three official languages, Luxembourgish (it really exists), French and German. So not much of a challenge then.

Why? Well way back in February Speedy had an offer of an interview little did we know it would mean relocating at the first stage. Then it just snowballed and after many phone interviews and interviews in person he was offered a job. A really amazing job, with an amazing opportunity for us all. The wanderlust part of me has often thought about living in another country, never really considered where or how.  So when opportunity like this comes your way you have to say yes despite all the doubts and concerns.

How? I really don’t have this figured out yet. I just have my trusty notepad with copious lists and random thoughts, how will I ever pack and move this house, how many more trips to the tip will I make before we leave, how will it effect Pook and Meemoo? Will I ever be able to speak enough of one of the languages?

So keep reading to find out about the highs and lows of our adventure.


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