Stomp Dinosaur Stomp

We have stomped dinosaur stomped our way through week four of our Summer of Fun!

Here’s a quick reminder of what we’ve been up to this week:
reminder of what we’ve been up to this week:

Making Mondays Trip out Tuesdays Wacky Wednesdays Thinking Thursdays Foodie


Make your own dinosaur bones out of salt dough. Take a trip to a natural history museum Do you remember the bones you made on Monday?  Dig for them today in your own dinosaur excavation! Make some frozen dinosaur eggs.  How do we get the dinosaurs out? Make dinosaur footprint biscuits.

This week required a little bit of planning, as some of our activities were done over a couple of days.

 Making Monday,

We began the week making a basic salt dough recipe (equal volumes of plain flour and salt, mixed with approximately half the volume of cold water until they form a soft, but not sticky dough). Miss N was tasked with using her salt dough to make dinosaur bones. I then baked these at 100C (fan oven) for 3 hours.

I used up the leftover salt dough in the evening to make some footprint tiles. After baking and cooling, I painted the footprints and left them out with the matching dinosaurs for the children to explore.

Trip Out Tuesday

We are becoming dinosaur experts after our trip to the National History Museum in London – an amazing trip out Tuesday! Meemoo Pook and I took the opportunity on Tuesday to visit to refurbished Natural History Museum in Luxembourg. While small in comparison to London we still had a great time.

 Wacky Wednesday

I buried Miss N’s salt dough skeleton in the sandpit, and set out scraping tools and brushes for the children to excavate the skeleton. Add an explorer’s hat, and Miss N looked every bit the expert archaeologist!

Gemma had less space, but still was able to do this brilliantly on a smaller scale too.

Throw in a little dinosaur movement (flap like a pterodactyl, stomp like a stegosaurus or run like a velociraptor) and you have a truly Wacky Wednesday!

Thinking Thursday 

We had so much fun playing and exploring with our Dinosaur Swamp with frozen eggs.

 Foodie Friday

We put Mr Z’s excellent mark-making skills to good use by making a basic shortbread biscuit, and pressing the toy dinosaurs into the dough before baking. We added a little icing to the imprints when the biscuits were cool, to make them pop! Yummy! I think Foodie Friday is a perfect end to the week!


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Coloured water play

Coloured water play is so easy to do and is a must for a sunny day. Who doesn’t love splashing around in the water on a hot day?!

It is simple to set up coloured water play. I collected some empty drinks bottles. Truthfully I  had a quick peek though the recycling bins and washed out all the good ones with warm soapy water to get rid of any residue liquids. I then added a good glug of food colouring to three of the bottles. I stuck with the primary colours. The reason for this is that it provided the opportunity of colour mixing with a new format. Colour mixing is so often just done with paints , that is good to provide children with the opportunity of exploring this in a different way. The idea behind this is the more opportunities children are given to explore and play with a concept the more it is understood, remembered and ultimately learnt. The other bottles just had water in them.

Next step I let Meemoo and Pook explore. Pook loved pouring and mixing, making yummy drinks for us all. She enjoyed mixing the coloured water to explore what would happen as they mixed together. She was excited to mix them together, making green had the best effect. However you have guessed it we did end up playing with brown water after a good few mixes. This fascination with mixing led me to explore other play opportunities for mixing and making food in the garden.

Meemoo was more interested in putting the lids off and on the bottles as she is currently fascinated with how things go together, watching her do also gave me some time to reflect on proving more activities that cater for this need.

So some simple water play but oh so much learnt by the girls and me watching what their little inquisitive minds are exploring.