Rainbow play box – Tame those lost plastic toys

A Rainbow Play box is a great way to collect and make use out of all of those odd bits of toys.


You know the ones that left stranded in the bottom of the toy boxes, under beds and just dribbled throughout the house. I swear its a territory claiming exercise, let no room be left without small bits of brightly coloured plastic. Well aha now we have foiled you!

Now this is where you can embrace the tatty bits of brighlty coloured plastic that are threatening to take over all floor surfaces in your previous grown up home. It was simple to do and both girls could join in. Pook and Meemoo loved collecting up all the odd bits of brightly coloured plastic and placing them into a clear plastic box, any box will do.

Suddenly the unloved became loved as it was in a new box. There are so many of them all together it opens up wonderful opportunities for some early maths work.

  • Re explore the toys as they are in a new place
  • Sort the toys by colour
  • Provide coloured paper to sort them onto and then if your are feeling creative you can arrange them into a rainbow
  • Sort them by size
  • Line them up and count them.

Enjoy taming you bits of plastic junk and reclaiming a part of your house!