Smurf House and Village


Smurf house and village is a fun toy to make from things you may already have at home.

It was inspired by Meemoo and Pook’s current interest, from watching it in German, plus seeing them on a recent trip to Brussels. This is not at all what I had thought we would do for week 4, see the plan!

The Smurf houses were fun, if a  little involved to make, but even Meemoo had a go. The best bit has to be that we are still playing with them a week later and have played with them everyday.

To make a Smurf House you will need:

Flower pots


PVA Glue

Hot Glue Gun

Foam Sheets

The first step is to turn the plant pot upside down,  cut out the door and window.  I used a craft knife to do this. Next  paint the pots your chosen colours. Mix the paint with a little PVA glue, this make the paint thicker and helps it to stick to the pot. Leave the pots to dry.  Then apply a thin coat of PVA, and leave to dry overnight.

Smurf House Decoration Time

Pook sat and helped me design the decoration and details for the Smurf Houses. All of the pieces were cut of of foam, I did not use a template the shapes were cut  by eye.

Pook was able to cut many of the simple shapes. Firstly we added foam around the doorways and the windows. Attach the foam using the hot glue gun. (Hot Glue guns are not suitable for children to use.)  Next we added flower pots  to the sides. The roof was attached last.

Making the Roof

First draw a circle on a piece of foam which is slightly bigger than the flower pot.  Add decoration spots to make it look like a Smurf house. It was easier to attach one edge of the roof, then the opposite side. This then leaves you with the slight rounded shape when the next 2 sides are folded in.

The roof took a bit of fiddling, I did have a few goes trying to get it to look right.

Making a Smurf village 

The Smurf Village was very simple to set up.  I found a large piece of green material and arranged the houses on it. Next I added small stones to make pathways,the inspiration came from seeing the shop windows displays in Brussels.

I made a small lake out of larger stones and small blue beads from a broken toy necklace!

Meemoo and Pook, have thoroughly enjoyed playing with it. Meemoo added all the small cakes from My Little Pony castle and then obviously the ponies came to live in the Smurf Village!

Summer of Fun – Ocean Activities

Week one of our Summer of Fun….phew what a fun filled week have just had full of Ocean activities.

In case you missed the newsletter this is what we have been up to

Ocean Week Activity Plan

Making Mondays Trip out Tuesdays Wacky Wednesdays Thinking Thursdays Foodie


Sea themed salt Art




Take a trip to an aquarium or a local pet shop to see the fish. Can you make a raft for Moana to sail across the Ocean?

For under 3s

Coloured water play

What floats and what sinks?

Experiment with salty water.


Make Fishy Cupcakes

Here are a pictures of best bits of the Ocean activity week. We began our week with Making Monday, exploring the process of Salt Art.

Exploring coloured water in the bath.

Our Wacky Wednesday was a real challenge this week. It was tricky to figure out how to make a raft and it took lots of perseverance, but eventually with a little help there was success! 

Our Thinking Thursday was great fun, exploring floating and sinking, but then taking it too the next level by experimenting with salt water. All of this was aided by watching a quick bit of Go Jetters, when they visited the Dead Sea.

Foodie Friday ended the week with a yummy sweet fish cupcake!


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Next week we are off on an  Animal Adventure. Its not too late to join in the fun, sign up in the pop box to the left of you to receive your exclusive and free play ideas for next week.

Summer of Fun

I am really excited to introduce the first ever guest blog from a close friend who has a passion for creating wonderful and imaginative adventures in play.

Our summer of fun!

Hi!  I’m Sarah, mum to Miss N (5 years) and Mr Z (9 months).  I’m currently a stay at home mum, which means lots of lovely play with my little ones.  I’m also Gemma’s friend, and after posting some of my summer play photos on Facebook, she invited me to write a guest post for her blog. So here goes!

When I started thinking about the summer holidays sometime in May, six weeks felt like a very long time to have off with both children at home!  I love planning activities for the children to do, so Miss N and I came up with five themes, one for each week that we were at home,

  • Pirates and Under the sea
  • Olympics
  • Fairies
  • Nature
  • Science


This gave us a focus of things to do, variety so that each week felt different, and lots of things to look forward to. I kept the cost down by using things I already had in the house, hiring toys from the toy library and adapting activities to use cheap resources that I’d picked up when out shopping.  Most of the activities were set up with Miss N in mind, but there were a few specifically for Mr Z.


By far Miss N’s best loved activities this week were the treasure hunts.  I had made her an ‘old’ treasure map of our house and garden, showing where the tools the she would need were and X marks the spot for the treasure.


I created an authentic and distressed looking map by wiping a wet teabag over a piece of card, then leaving it to dry, before carefully burning the edges of the card with a match.  Miss N had to use the map to find the tools and then dig for the buried treasure, a wooden chest with golden coins in, which I had my lovely husband bury in the garden the night before!

During the week the other favourite activities enjoyed by Miss N and Mr Z were

  • Dressing up as pirates;
  • Eating pirate mini babybels

  • Making a treasure map pizza. It would be more effective with a range of toppings, but Miss N is extremely resistant to eating vegetables!

  • Reading Pirates stories, we especially enjoyed Pirates love Underpants by Clare Freedman
  • Playing pirate board games we borrowed from the Toy Library

Under the Sea

The second half of our first week was Under the Sea as it naturally followed on from Pirates. It involved

  • some sand play;
  • a seaside treasure basket of large shells and pebbles for Mr Z;
  • sea creature sand art and scratch art;

  • oyster sandwiches (a Babybel ‘pearl’ inside a wholemeal roll);
  • crab croissants (googly eyes on cocktail sticks pushed into a croissant),
  • watching Finding Dory at the cinema;

We live a very long way from the seaside, and so made the most of our town centre beach that is made every summer holidays, and is free!

I’m a gatherer of ideas with some original thoughts, and so lots of the ideas are based on things I have found on the Internet.

I will be back next week to share our Olympic themed week.