Rainbow Playdough

Rainbow Play dough is easy to make following my basic play dough recipe. It is wonderful to cut into and see a rainbow.

I have been mulling over how to create a rainbow in play dough without it turning to a brown mush for a while and today inspiration struck.

How to make Rainbow Play dough. 

It starts with a double quantity of basic play dough which is then split in half. Place half to one side for later, split the other into six pieces. Then using food colouring dye each of the six pieces one of the colours of the rainbow.


Next step roll each of the coloured pieces into a long sausage shape.


Then roll out the plain dough that was set to one side.


Place the dyed dough on top and fold the plain dye around until you have a Swiss roll shape, and give it a gentle roll.

P1030313 P1030314


Now for the best bit, get a knife and let your small person cut the dough in half and look inside to see what magic you have made.


Pook was captivated dyeing the dough and watching it change colour. I got her to squeeze the dough to get the dye to mix in. This is great activity for strengthening little hands, to get them ready for writing. The best part was cutting into the dough to see our rainbow. Pook then enjoyed cutting up the dough and making rainbow cakes. Surprisingly you can squish the dough back together and the colours stay. Pook had so much fun re-cutting it to see new rainbows and patterns.