Starting School – 3 quick fun phonic games

Here are my top 3 phonic games, that are easy to set up and play at home or on holiday. If it helps I use the time when Meemoo is napping to play with Pook without 18 month old destruction!

  • Object sort

This is really very simple to set up and make use of all those odd bits of toys that you accumulate all the time.  I used our box of odd toys.  P1030437Have a quick scan at the selection of toys and pick the ones that have the clearest initial phoneme. They are taught in a specific order at school, focusing on the most prevalent first. Write the phonemes each on a separate piece of paper. Sort the toys to match. I would start off with no more than 3 phonemes. Play the game together a couple of times and then leave out for your child to play by themselves. In a few days add more toys and new phonemes to recognise.

  • Word building

This is a great game once your child has begun to recognise a at least 3 letters. You can use the phonemes cards you made for the previous game. Use them to build a simple cvc word like sat. Say the phonemes as you make the word and then say the whole word. Repeat a couple of times with different words and then invite your child to make a word. Don’t panic if they make a non word, just read it together and have a giggle. In a few days you can add more phonemes to play with.

  • Grab and go

This a great game for those who like to be on the move. Place some of the phoneme cards you have made previously, around the garden or inside. Say the name of the phoneme and ask your child to run to that phoneme and grab the flashcard. There are hundreds of variations of this, vary your voice, whisper, squeak or how your child has to move tip toe, jump, hop.

Have fun!

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