Starting School – What really happens in the classroom?

animated-20clipart-20free-11949861182029597463an_apple_01.svg.medThis year I am in a unique place, lots of Pook’s friends are off to school in September and I am going back to work in Foundation stage so I am seeing starting school from both sides.  So I thought to help explain what really happens once the doors close and you say goodbye I would write a series about starting school.

However before all the detail here are a few thoughts I would like to share with you.

    • Don’t forget you are and always will be their first teacher, we are just glad to be part of their journey.
    • On the first day I am just as nervous as you and the children.
    • I promise I won’t forget to remind them to put their coats on when its cold, put an apron on when doing something messy because it does get messy!
    • I will wipe away their tears and snotty noses, find the all-important wet paper towel for those scraps and bumps.
    • I will share with them the very best of me and what a journey we shall have full of fun and adventure, with surprises at every corner.
    • I will teach them how to read and count and write, joining you along the road you have already begun to walk down.
    • I will share all the good days, the mad days and sometimes sad days.
    • You little one may come home all about how Miss does this and that but at school all we hear about is you.
    • Be proud because I know they will amaze us all.
    • Enjoy your cup of hot coffee, it’s your turn for a rest!


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Mud, mud glorious mud!

Lots of fun has been had with our Mud Kitchen the past few weeks. Mud is lovely stuff especially when you are younger. It holds a world of make believe possibilities making mud pies, mud cakes, mud soup, mud stew…you get the idea.

2015-04-15 11.24.25-2

It was relatively easy to set up after inspiration from all the examples of mud kitchens all over the internet.  Basically it is an outdoor play kitchen which uses mud and natural ingredients to cook with rather than plastic food for children to explore, offering multiple learning opportunities. I simply re-purposed some old shelves that where not being put to much use for garden storage. I lowered them to become a work surface for the girls. Next I raided old pots and pans from my kitchen cupboards along with a shelving unit unused. You the kinda thing you get sold while wandering around Ikea dreaming up its infinite uses because you like but it never works out! I then hammered some nails into the shed to hang the utensils off.  The mud is in an old storage box used to grow vegetable in last summer. Its work in progress as I would like to add a chalkboard and a sign.

While I was busy with all this I set Pook the task of looking for some sticks stones and other exciting ingredients she might want to have in her kitchen.

Now it was time to let the fun begin. Pook and Meemoo have had a wonderful time cooking and mixing.

2015-04-15 10.57.35

It is a wonderful open ended play space that lets the girls imaginations run wild. It is also simple to add a suggestion for the next step in their play. I recently added an empty chocolate box, which prompted Pook to make Mud Chocolates, a new one on me. She got very involved in finding the right consistency for them to be sticky and then place them in the sunny spots to dry out informing me that it was food for the flies. I could tell you about all the science she was learning and working out or just tell you to have a go you never know where it make take you and your little ones.