Starting School – What really happens in the classroom?

animated-20clipart-20free-11949861182029597463an_apple_01.svg.medThis year I am in a unique place, lots of Pook’s friends are off to school in September and I am going back to work in Foundation stage so I am seeing starting school from both sides.  So I thought to help explain what really happens once the doors close and you say goodbye I would write a series about starting school.

However before all the detail here are a few thoughts I would like to share with you.

    • Don’t forget you are and always will be their first teacher, we are just glad to be part of their journey.
    • On the first day I am just as nervous as you and the children.
    • I promise I won’t forget to remind them to put their coats on when its cold, put an apron on when doing something messy because it does get messy!
    • I will wipe away their tears and snotty noses, find the all-important wet paper towel for those scraps and bumps.
    • I will share with them the very best of me and what a journey we shall have full of fun and adventure, with surprises at every corner.
    • I will teach them how to read and count and write, joining you along the road you have already begun to walk down.
    • I will share all the good days, the mad days and sometimes sad days.
    • You little one may come home all about how Miss does this and that but at school all we hear about is you.
    • Be proud because I know they will amaze us all.
    • Enjoy your cup of hot coffee, it’s your turn for a rest!


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