Ice Cream Messy Play

Ice cream messy play is great fun and it merrily whiled away an afternoon or two for Meemoo and Pook.

I have made a new discovery playing with frozen gloop is a lot like playing with actual ice cream. We often play with ice cream play dough so when I stumbled upon this I could not wait to have a go. For those of you who are not aware gloop is a mixture of cornflour and water which is fascinating for young children to play with as it is solid and then liquid all at the same time.

How to make Gloop Ice Cream

To begin you need to make a basic cornflour and water mix. Ours  looked too liquid to become ice cream consistency so I poured in a good amount of plain flour. The girls had a fab time mixing and it was good work out for their little arm muscles.


Mixing anything is a great way to develop children’s shoulder pivot. This is an important developmental step for a child  enhance their fine motor control. I know this is something I go on about a lot but it is so vital to children’s early learning!

Next add food colouring to make your flavours of Ice Cream. Meemoo and Pook choose vanilla, strawberry and mint flavours. I then portioned them out into a mini muffin tray and froze for 24 hours.

Next step I set it up as an invitation to create with the Ice Cream Messy Play. I put out  our plastic ice cream cones, some beads and sequins to use as to use as sprinkles.

Pook and her friend had a fab time playing with the Ice Cream Messy Play. Our little blobs of ice cream sat perfectly on top of our play ice cream cones.  It is in fact so realistic to play with that my friend on being presented with an ice cream for her almost began to eat it! As the frozen gloop began to melt you could get the sequins to stick on the side. As it melted in the bowl it became a beautiful thick gunky mess to play with.

So there you go frozen gloop does work and it actually looks incredibly realistic. Be careful not to eat it!