Easter Exploring box

An Easter Treasure basket is a great way for young children to explore in a hands-on way all the artefacts that are connected to Easter and Spring.

In this treasure basket there are ;


Plastic fillable eggs in an egg box – great for colour matching and counting


Small eggs and plastic chicks which are excellent for filling and emptying. The process of filling and emptying is a key development schema in young children. Meemoo has spent many happy minutes sat doing just this.



A selection of chicks and bunnies to play with.


A set of bunny ears. Who doesn’t want a pair of these?!

A couple of baskets for collecting and transporting. This is another one of those development traits that keeps young children amused for hours as they make sense of the world.

This is all nestled in some sensory grass which like real grass has the ability to deposit itself and grow anywhere!


I cannot this time take full credit for this wonderful exploring box as some of the contents and the fab box were a gift from a good friend. Thank you for the inspiration.