Reading Safari

Lots of fun has been had at out house with our new safari garden play game. It is quick to set up and great fun to play which continues after you have to go and do more adult things like cooking dinner. It is also a fantastic way to get those little brains exercising with some pre reading skills.

I began by simply hiding the animals in the garden for Pook to find.

2015-05-12 16.53.00

She loves a bit of paper and a pen so I found an old clipboard and made a check-list for her to tick off when she found each animal.


2015-05-12 16.52.19

This was a really simple way to build up some pre reading skills. By looking at text and pictures and matching them with the animals she was finding Pook was developing her matching skills which are pretty essential for reading. Pre reading skills are important as they lay the foundations for when a child starts to read using phonics and word recognition. Pre reading teaches the skill of knowing that text has meaning and in English is read from left to right.

Meemoo too enjoyed looking for and finding the animals, working on naming them and making the sounds the animal makes. It was giving her the opportunity to name objects, her major way of communicating by stating what something is. it also gave me the opportunity to develop this speech by repeating back what she said and talking about what the animal was doing.

We played initially a couple of times taking tuns to hide the animals and each other finding them. Next morning this fun new game had to be repeated and Pook insisted that she needed binoculars which were super quick to make out of two loo rolls, some tape and some string so we could wear them round our necks.

All in all a fun time was had.

Download your free  Safari sheet and have fun in the sun!