Play Spaces

Play spaces are important for both children and adults. Children need a space to play and adults, well we need a space free from all the toys.

Play spaces, I love creating them. In our last house we were fortunate to have a dedicated playroom. It is still fondly refereed to as the Rainbow room. When I knew we would be moving a play space was one of the many top priorities. Now we find ourselves living happily in our 2 bed flat, still with spaces for play.

Family Room Play Space

Our flat we has one very large room, that is multi functional, within, which I have created  a space to play.

We have limited storage, which was a conscious decision. Meemoo and Pook have 6 boxes of toys to choose from, plus Lego and drawing/writing things out all of the time.

The boxes are only half full, with the intention for them to remain that way. The boxes are themed.

Meemoo and Pook have a varied selection and there is often

  • puzzles and games
  • small world toys
  • role play toys
  • wheeled toys
  • toys relating to their current interests
  • dolls and princesses

Most days tidying up is as painless as it can be with a 3 year old and a 5 year old as both girls know what goes in what box. I have a spare set of 6 boxes in the loft and I rotate the toys roughly every 6 weeks.

Bedroom Play Spaces

It has been an adjustment having a shared bedroom. I am constantly trying to make best use of the space. Meemoo and Pook are currently have an Ikea Kura bed as a set of bunk beds. It works well for now and the main priority for us is that Pook is not too high up. The girls love to play in their bedroom together, something that they did not do much before. I have decided that ‘less is more’ when it comes to the toys which are available to them in this room.

I have created a space for all the dollies, a table top play place for small world that is easily rotated and a dressing up area, with a limited number of costumes on offer.


So that is a quick round up of our play spaces for now and how they are set up. It is always a work in progress. Currently I am trying to add more decoration, a challenge in a beige rented flat! I also need to find a better Lego solution.

What play spaces do your children have in your home?

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Thank you for reading x

We’ve landed.

So we have finally landed in Luxembourg, to begin the adventure of our life as expats.

It all began last week with the arrival of the packing and removal company, who began the enormous task of boxing up our house. They were so quick just wrapping, filling and stacking boxes before writing in all down on an inventory, our life all packed up in 228 boxes.

I just spent time panicking that things I wanted would be packed so decided I was best off out of the way and had my hair cut. You gotta look glamourous arriving in a new country right?!  Meemoo and Pook were out of the way at pre school for thier last day.

The next day we travelled to Heathrow. Meemoo and Pook had never flown before so were amazed at all the people, the shops and restuarants. The pair of them squealed with delight as the airplane took off. The weather was particularly stormy in Luxembourg that evening so 30 mintues before the end of the flight all tables were away and seat belts back on as we flew through and around thunderstorms.  Meemoo and Pook however just thought it was an extended rollercoaster ride, with their arms in the air shouting again after each turbulence encounter and laughing as the airplane was buffeted by the wind and dropping through clouds. Finally we landed in Luxembourg and were reunited with Speedy.

We have spent the last few days exploring Luxembourg city. It is a beautiful place, with a new park for Meemoo and Pook to discover daily.


We have been on so many buses, hopping on and off accross the city as we find our way around,


but as I found out yesterday you need to be really quick at getting off as the buses dont wait, so we went on to the next stop and found a new way back to our temporary flat. Getting I am sure will be a common experience in the coming weeks.

Next we we move again to our new flat for the next two years and can be reunited with all 228 boxes and items.  How I am going to fit all of it into our new home I dont know. I do know that want to have spaces for play and spaces for grown up relaxation without stepping on hard bits of plastic. I do know I have to make a balcony, three floors up a safe place, and sort out how Meemoo and Pook are going to share a room.

So off to obssesivly scroll through pintrest for neat ideas!

Will keep you all posted soon.

Thanks for reading!