Dressing up Fun

Dressing up…we all must have early memories of spending our days dressing up to become whatever our flight of fancy was that day.  And the best dressing up was for me my mums shoes. I still love shoes oh too much now!

Meemoo has just begun to discovered the delights of dressing up. She is currently fascinated by the process of putting on shoes, socks, glasses and hats. I have given her a collection of dressing up bits for her to explore this play. Hopefully lessen the number of shoes she gets out of shoe boxes and leaves strewn about the downstairs. I only spent £2 on the sunglasses from Primark and rest is just gathered up odds and ends from around the house. I then placed all the items in our exploring box. I only put a a few things in as I did not want to overwhelm the play with too much choice.

This open ended dressing is fantastic for leaving the options open to the children to become a superhero, a mum or a princess. Not to say that we don’t have some predetermined outfits in our house. There is room for both side by side to foster children’s imagination and discovery.

Needless to say Pook thoroughly enjoys the dressing up box too. They have been on many adventures together.

So there you have it simple dressing up fun from the odd things we have lurking in the dark corners of cupboards in our houses.