Magic Pictures

Magic pictures are a quick and easy activity to set up, keep little fingers busy for a good long while. I found the original idea on pintrest but have adapted it.  It is a fab activity if your little one, like Pook, is fascinated with scissors and cutting. Cutting is an important skill which helps to develop fine motor control.

I started making the Magic Picture by finding a clip art of an animal that I knew Pook would like. I choose a butterfly. After printing it out I then taped it behind a sheet of blue sugar paper, to look like the sky. On the the blue sugar paper I drew lines for Pook to cut down.


Pook  loved cutting down the lines on the blue paper and folding them back to see what animal would appear. After having cut the lines a happy time was then had colouring it in. When then flapped the paper and it looked like the butterfly was flying in the sky, a truly Magic Picture.


This activity really caught her imagination, with her asking me to make many more. The opportunites for pictures are endless.

Here are some other quick ideas

  • Chicks with Yellow paper to look like straw
  • Safari Animals with Yellow/Green  paper
  • Farm animals with Green paper
  • Insects with Green paper
  • Fish with Blue paper
  • Stars, Moons and Planets with Black paper