Summer of Fun – Animal Activities

Week two of our Summer of Fun… animals, animals everywhere!   We have stomped, roared and laughed our way through the week!


Here’s a quick reminder of what we’ve been up to this week:

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What’s your favourite animal?  Can you make a picture of it? Take a trip to a farm or zoo Elephants stomp, snakes wiggle and kangaroos jump!  Can you move like an animal? How do penguins stay dry?  Let’s find out with wax crayons and water!


Make a slice of toast into an animal using fruity toppings!


Here are the highlights of our Summer of Fun animals week…

We made button animals on Making Monday.  Mr Z explored sticking his buttons onto sticky back plastic over a picture of a snake, and Miss N used a butterfly outline to create her button masterpiece.


I also sneaked in an extra make, with this gorgeous elephant handprint keepsake.


Gemma had an inspired spot for her animal movement game on Wacky Wednesday – the airport departure lounge!  A fantastic example of having fun and helping to pass the time!  I wonder how many other passengers fancied joining in with the game?  Can you beat her idea for a strange location?


Mr Z’s imagination was encouraged with a Dear Zoo storytelling basket.  We even learnt the BSL sign for camel, so we can now sign all the animals in the story and have a go at making their sounds – ROAR!


Thinking Thursday was a little gentler this week!  Miss N carefully coloured in this penguin using wax crayons (the fewer gaps the better).  We gently sprayed it, and a blank penguin with coloured water, and compared the results!  We extended our experiment by putting on waterproofs and using an umbrella, and spraying each other with the hose.  Never say science is boring!

Another delicious end to the week, with fruit turtles and animal toast on Foodie Friday!


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