Summer of Fun 2017

Summer of Fun 2017 is gonna be the best! Trust me on this.

Summer of Fun is  a simple set of play plans which are currently being fine tuned to help you have a fab summer playing with your little ones.  The play ideas are open ended and broad .

Whats the reasoning behind Summer of Fun 2017?

The idea behind Summer of Fun 2017  is that each day there is simple activity which can be a springboard for free play. Free play is the best, it is when your child or children are engrossed and don’t actually need you.  Free play is when a child is free to explore their ideas, thoughts, and make new connections about the world around them. So walk away and grab a coffee.

Summer of Fun is not about over planning children’s time and rushing from one thing to the next. It is not about adding stress to a busy life.

Summer of Fun is about finding a little time each day with your child to play together. They are designed to be simple to set up using basic items, paper, paints, glue and toys you already have.  We all know the oldest trick right?! Moving toys and playing with them in a new space or a new way opens up a whole new world of discovery. Yes I mean muddling them up and mixing all the tiny bits and pieces from sets together!  And it goes without saying that sometimes a mess is made, but the mess below led us to create our own paper.

Themed Days

Making Mondays 

Get all the craft mess out one one day and create to your hearts content!

Trip out Tuesdays

This does not have to be an impressive and amazing trip, some of the best days are the ones spent at your local park.

Wacky Wednesdays 

A day for Messy play, play dough, slime, gloop, we have got it covered!

Thinking Thursdays 

A day to give those Summer holiday brains a little work out with activities based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths!

Foodie Fridays

Spend a day in the kitchen cooking up a storm!


So why not join up and join in?!  It ain’t gonna cost ya!

4 Replies to “Summer of Fun 2017”

  1. You are so positive about the Summer Holidays, when I have been dreading them after they dragged so long last year. But I have been gathering as many ideas for days out and fun that I can and am planning to fight fatigue with fun. Some great ideas here. Thanks for focusing on the bright side. #Stayclassymama

    1. I genuinely love them and look forward to them. Yeah sometimes it is crazy and today when there were dollies from end of the flat to the other I may have got a tad cross but then the promise of an exciting activity got them tidying up really quick!

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