Moana Toilet roll Figures

Moana Toilet Roll figures a simple, fun activity especially if like me, you have a child who lives and dreams the new Disney film.

Meemoo and I enjoyed our morning making these Moana toilet roll figures.

You will need

Toilet Rolls
Felt in different colours
Tissue paper in different colours
Googly Eyes
Felt Pens

We began by looking carefully at pictures and our Moana figures to decide what colours we needed. I sat back and let Meemoo take charge in the deciding. She chose to make Moana. At the same time I made Maui alongside her. It is sometimes hard as an adult not to take over a child’s art, as we with good intentions want to show them how to do it.  As I sat alongside and made Maui it was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how to physically make the characters. Importantly it meant I was not taking over her creation , she could see first hand how to make them. So yes they are slightly wonky but that is exactly how they need to be, Meemoo is very proud of her work.

Meemoo’s Moana inspired figure

Pook’s Pua inspired figure

Fine motor control practice

Children need many varied opportunities to practice their fine motor control. It is a large part of a young child’s development that takes many years of refining both pre school and when in school.

In this activity Meemoo had the opportunity to

  • use scissors
  • wrap thing around and enclose a object
  • squeeze out glue and spread
  • position objects to create an effect

What is your child current favourite characters? Have a go at making some toilet roll figures and share your creations with us.

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Thank you for reading x

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