Art Gallery with Under 7s

An Art Gallery is not a obvious choice for under 7s  when planing a trip , but this is where Meemoo, Pook and I found ourselves last Tuesday. I decided to visit Villa Vauban in Luxembourg City Centre for the opportunity to see some Art to tie in with our Great Artists theme of the week.

It was a surprising trip, in that it went better than expected. Meemoo and Pook are still talking about the trip a week later and asking when we can go back. It must of made an impression!

So if you are considering a trip to an Art Gallery with under 7s here are some top tips

  • A little preparation paves the way

Before our visit to the Art Gallery we had talked about artists, what they did and we had the previous day explored the story of Henri Matisse for our Making Monday. We had a go at making some art in his style.  Meemoo and Pook were aware what an Art Gallery was and how to behave, mainly DO NOT TOUCH !


  • Check out the Museum online

    Before your visit it is worth checking to see if there were any activities for children. I had had a brief look and it appeared that most of the activities were pre book and for those above 6 years old.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were so many child friendly activities to engage us as we went round one of the exhibitions.  Meemoo and Pook had a blast dressing up to match the portraits.



    They enjoyed getting to touch the ‘feely’ pictures.


  • Simple games to play at an Art Gallery

The first exhibitions that we encountered in the museum where not child friendly and Meemoo was finding it difficult to interact with the art. We started playing find your favourite picture, tell my why? It really is as simple as it states!

  • You don’t have to stay all day

Or that long at all.  It is a huge experience for young children to just see lots of Art, be it paintings, photos, sculpture or installations.  Do not expect a massive reaction like you would at the park.

The real surprise for me having taken the girls there is their reaction to it now. It is still talked about, Meemoo calls the story about Henri Matisse the “art gallery” book. Pook enjoys telling people about her trip. Both of them ask when we can go again!

So thinking of a trip you would not normally take young children too,  my advice is  with a little prep be brave. It may just inspire them!

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  1. It’s brilliant that they enjoyed it and are still talking about it a week later! I took my daughter to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam when she was 9 and was amazed at how interested she was and how long she wanted to stay. My kids have never shown any interest in art or artists before.

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